What location do you recommend?

There are several go-to locations I love that do not charge an additional fee. Hurley Park in Salisbury, Uptown Lexington, and Finch Park are all popular. Additionally, I have a friend with a country/barn setting we can use, or Old Salem is fun. To make special memories, I also recommend your own home and yard!

What do we wear?

Families often struggle with what clothes to wear! I recommend pick a few colors plus a neutral and see what you can find. Lay clothing out on a bed to see how they look together. Have a couple in solid colors and maybe some with patterns that coordinate. It is best to not all match (everyone wearing white tops with khaki pants is really hard to photograph). 

What if my child isn't cooperative?

I am a mama to 5 kids and completely understand how hard photo sessions can be for babies and children. I do my best to keep things light and fun. You will get some good pictures, even with a fussy kiddo! Often times people are surprised with how many quality images they get, even when a baby is fussing or toddler is refusing to listen.

How long will it take to get my online album?

Editing images is more time consuming that taking the pictures. Sometimes, it only takes a few days to get your pictures, but for weddings and full sessions, it may take two weeks. For those in a hurry, you can pay an additional $25 rush fee to get images in 48 hours or less (weddings not included).

How do I make prints?

You can order high quality, professional prints directly from your online gallery at reasonable prices. You may also download your entire album and use companies like Snapfish or Vista Print to make photo gifts, books, or calendars.

Can I change outfits?

Often, this is asked for senior or engagement pictures. Of course you can change outfits! Keep in mind many locations do not offer privacy to change, and your car is the best option. Also, the time spent changing is a part of your session, so go for easy, quick clothing changes or make sure you pick a session that gives you plenty of time.